Bus Protocol

  1. Learners must treat everybody with respect, especially those in a position of authority, including the driver and behave accordingly at all times. NO undermining behavior will be tolerated.
  2. Learners should behave courteously towards other passengers and towards the general public.
  3. Learners may not cause fellow pupils any emotional or physical harm or intimidate them. NO vandalism to the bus and/or its property will be allowed. NO initiation is allowed on the bus. No cell phone videos or photos may be taken from anyone on the bus without their permission.
  4. No alcohol, cigarettes, illegal substances or any other potentially harmful item such as guns, knives or other forms of defense items are allowed on the bus.
  5. Learners must be seated at all times. NO walking or standing is allowed when the bus is moving. Safety belts must be worn at all times.
  6. The misbehavior of learners will immediately be dealt with by ElJoSa Travel and Tours in cooperation with the parents. No learner, who is found guilty, will be allowed on the bus in future. No refunds will be made.
  7. The parent/guardian of a learner is liable to pay for any damage to the bus caused by that learner. ElJoSa will also request the learner concerned to render services to the company as compensation for damages.
  8. Payments for transport must be made by the 3rd of every month or else the learner will not be allowed on the bus.
  9. No loud music is allowed on the bus.
  10. Junior learners have to sit in the first 6 rows of the bus.
  11. ElJoSa is not responsible for lost property.